MS12-020 the new MS08-067?

From Microsoft’s support website:

MS12-020: Vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop could allow remote code execution: March 13, 2012

The interesting is that on this link ( it says on the more information tab:

“2667402 MS12-020: Description of the security update for Terminal Server Denial of Service Vulnerability: March 13, 2012”

But then on this link ( they actually talk about a critical one, which means it’s exploitable, which has turned a lot of heads and wonder if this bug will end up being the new MS08-087 due to longevity on it (God knows finding that one will render Enterprise Admin or Domain Admin too quick most of the times anyway)

Let’s see how fast the guys at metasploit project ( will come up with an exploit for it!

(NOTE: Thank you so much flacman for catching the typo .. sorry!!!!)

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2 Commentsto MS12-020 the new MS08-067?

  1. flacman says:

    dude… did u mean MS 08-067?

  2. Yes flacman, thanks for catching the typo serves me well for writing it fast and furious :P

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